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ECO sunglasses solution

Our ECO Friendly Solution

The Eyewear frames are made with Bio-base and recycled materials. Now they can serve a new purpose, which is to give our eyewear some of the amazing characteristics these materials have: flexibility, resistance, and lightweight.

Our Recycled Materials: Recycled Fishing Net (rNylon), Recycled PC (rPC), Bio-Base Resin.

Most of our styles are available in Bio TR90.

fishing net

made from




Recycled Fishing Net

/ Recycled Nylon /

To turn this waste into a resource. Fishing nets are made from incredibly high-quality plastics – they’re an obvious choice for recycling.

We utilize the strongest form of plastic in our oceans to produce exceptionally sustainable, recycled eyewear.

Bio based

made from



/ Bio-Based Resin /

Castor seeds oil is a high-performance and sustainable raw material. Oil is pressed from the beans and then turned into pellets, which are melted and injected into frames.

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